DSSW will be a place of inclusion. We celebrate members of our community with Down syndrome and will strive to keep programming, events and ideas focused around their unique abilities.

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DSSW will raise awareness by building strong community relationships, corporate partnerships and maintaining a social media presence.


DSSW will advocate for those without a voice and assist them in speaking for themselves.




DSSW will create development opportunities for members of our community through effective programming, events and opportunities.


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DSSW has four (4) spots available for the afternoon session of the Independent Living Resource Center's iCan Bike Camp experience, July 16-20 for the afternoon session at 3:35-4:50pm. DSSW will cover $75 of the $125/participant fee. The responsible guardian will be responsible for the balance, payable to DSSW.

Participants must be eight years old

Must weight less than 220 pounds

Must be able to walk without an assistive device

Must be able to side step quickly

Be able and willing to wear a properly fitted helmet

Have a minimum inseam of 20 inches

Applications will be accepted through April 20th, 2018