DSSW will be a place of inclusion. We celebrate members of our community with Down syndrome and will strive to keep programming, events and ideas focused around their unique abilities.

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DSSW will raise awareness by building strong community relationships, corporate partnerships and maintaining a social media presence.


DSSW will advocate for those without a voice and assist them in speaking for themselves.




DSSW will create development opportunities for members of our community through effective programming, events and opportunities.


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Many individuals.

21 Chromosomes.

March 21st

It's March 21st and across the world, we're celebrating individuals who Rock an extra 21st chromosome, better known as Down syndrome! Today is worth us remembering our purpose to provide an environment of inclusion, to continue sharing awareness, provide development opportunities and to stand up as advocates - lending our voice for those who may not be able to speak for themselves!

By joining the 3.21 celebration through giving, you are assisting the Down Syndrome Society of Wichita in:

*providing monthly art workshops for individuals with Down syndrome

*providing activities for the Summer of Discovery program (July 2018)

*providing Connection group activities for age-appropriate groups to feel connected and to strengthen their social networks.

​Join us by giving today!

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